Ajay Anand

Chief Product Officer at Kyvos Insights

Ajay Anand is our Chief Product Officer and has been instrumental in shaping the product since its inception. He is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in creating best-for-business solutions in the areas of business intelligence,
distributed computing, and storage. Previously, he led product management for Hadoop at Yahoo!, after which he founded Datameer. Earlier in his career, he led product management teams at SGI and Sun.


Day 1 - Knowledge Talks 28 May

Self-Service, Interactive BI with “Smart OLAP” on the Cloud

Data is growing like never before and every enterprise wants to be insight-driven. The need of the hour is to modernize their BI architecture by moving to the cloud, as traditional systems can neither accommodate this growing data nor deliver the desired BI performance. Join our session to learn how our “Smart OLAP” technology allows businesses to become more productive with interactive and self-service business intelligence at enterprise scale at a fraction of the cost of their traditional architecture. We’ll touch upon multiple use-cases across different industries and functions such as Customer
360, Supply Chain transformation, Viewership Analytics, Financial Analytics and so on.
You’ll also learn how Kyvos enables:
• IT to build a future-proof architecture for growing data and BI needs
• BI developers to create a single source of truth across different businesses
• Business users to slice and dice their data instantly and make quicker, better decisions