Anirban Bhaduri

Biocomputing and Data Analytics Head at Tata Chemicals

Anirban’s association with Bio-computation and analytics spans over 16 years. During the period, he has been leading and deploying technologies and innovation strategies across domains of healthcare, wellness, food, and life-sciences through smart data solutions. Key accomplishments include designing and commercializing solutions like AI-based oncology decision support systems, wellness analytics platforms for wearables, digital nutrition frameworks for Nutri-product design, and bio-engineered designs for manufacturing units.


Day 1 - Knowledge Talks 28 May

Health and Analytics: Tale of two Sciences

Liberty has been taken to expand the traditional definition of health and health industry. Its expanded scope refers to the offerings and solutions from the healthcare, wellness, and nutrition industries. The unifying bond being solutions developed on the principles of biological and life sciences. Each of them has experienced revolutions attributed to data analytics and surely they are poised for many more. Interestingly, the anecdotes and highlights from each of the industrial research centers are very different. During the talk, I would share snippets from my experiences in the different research and development groups across these industries.