Anirban Nandi

Head of Analytics at Rakuten

With close to 13 years of professional experience, Anirban specializes in Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Data Engineering spanning across various verticals of online & offline Retail, and building analytics teams from grounds up. Following his Masters from JNU in Economics, Anirban started his career in the analytics team at Target and spent more than 8 years working on developing in-house analytics products like Customer Personalization, Recommendation System, and Search Engine Classifiers. Post Target, Anirban became one of the founding members at Data Labs (captive analytics wing of Landmark Group) and spent close to 5 years, building and growing the onshore & offshore team of ~100 members working across Retail and Cognitive analytics solutions covering Assortment, Inventory, Pricing, Marketing, Ecommerce, Customer etc. Currently Anirban is associated with Rakuten as the Head of Analytics, developing analytics solutions for the Rakuten global ecosystem, and building a high-performing team in the Bangalore office.

On the personal side, Anirban love sports, and is a big follower of soccer/football (Argentina and Manchester United are his favourite teams).


Day 2 - Knowledge Talks 29 May

Leveraging Data & Analytics for Social Goodness

Over the last 100 years our society has made significant progress. However some social perils still exists which needs to be solved. Currently in the age of relentless momentum of technology and coding, it is often too easy to lose sight of the greater purpose of our work. While we all carry different motivations with us, I believe that we are unified by the desire to influence with our work and contribute meaningfully to solve real-life problems at very large scale.

Data and analytics leaders are in a unique position to build programs that benefit the Data for Good movement, in which people and organizations transcend organizational boundaries to use data to improve society. In this session, Anirban intends to cover how can data sciences help solve some of the pertinent problems of our society, and seek help from fellow professionals to contribute to this cause as well.