Anish Sharma

Specialist, Data Science at Altair

I am Technical Specialist, Data Science for Altair Data Analytics based at Altair Engineering India, Bangalore with 8+ years of experience working with Tata Consultancy Services, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India. I have done my B.Tech in Information Technology and undergoing Masters & PG from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore and Liverpool John Moores University. I have a strong passion for data analytics, Machine Learning, AI & Deep Learning. With experience in end-to-end business solution development using Data analytics & machine learning my aim is to simplify the complex business problems using Data analytics.


Day 1 - Tech Talks 28 May

Future of Smart Analytics

Data across business domains have become large & complex due to integration with multiple latest technologies and deciphering key information from these data repositories is a time consuming key challenge in this fast modern world. Also analytics has transformed from machine learning endeavour to a business oriented lifestyle. To cater to these new requirements and newer generation of analytics we need to have a seamless platform for  End to End  data Analytics lifecycle. Altair Knowledge Works suite for Data Analytics provides solution for Data Preparation, Data Science and Machine learning & Stream Processing and Visualization.