Bhagirath Kumar Lader

Chief Manager, Business Information System at GAIL

Mr. Bhagirath Kumar Lader is Chief Manager (Business Information System) at GAIL where he is one of the key members of Digital Transformation Team.

Mr. Lader is B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) from IIT Delhi and MBA (Strategy and Finance) from IIM Lucknow.

He has 16 years of work experience in Information Technology primarily in SAP Applications and Oracle database in Unix and Linux environments. As a member of digital strategy team, he is working on foundational initiatives and developing digital organisation for the adoption of analytics culture, RPA and Artificial Intelligence powered intelligent business solutions.

He identifies himself as ‘Artificial Intelligence Thought-Leader’ with expertise in ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Deep Learning’. He is certified in Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning from reputed AI/ML training and educational institutions including the AI research world leader Stanford University. He engages in non-academic research in finding Artificial Intelligence applications for solving real-world business and academia research problems.

His vision is to empower students and professionals in India to use emerging digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc. for the progress of society, industry, Nation and the world.

He can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Day 2 - Knowledge Talks 29 May

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