Gianluca Gindro

Head of Data Science at Kuoni

Gianluca is Head of Data Science at Kuoni, a global travel brand, and also a freelance instructor of 'Data science of business' courses. Previously has set-up the data operations at Groupon, where he has been Head of Analytics for 6 years.

17:25 - 18:25

Day 2 - Tech Talks 29 May

A black-box approach to data science to focus on what really matters to the business

What are the key questions that a business stakeholder or client should ask to oversee a data science project? Or as a Data Scientist, what should you focus to make sure to align your data product with the business needs?
In this talk, Gianluca is going to treat data science as a 'black-box', focusing on the key contact points of  data science with the business that should never been neglected, also seeing in practice how the same machine learning model can take different shapes depending on changing business needs.