Sanjay Kar

Head of Analytics at Equifax India
An expert in the data analytics field having 12+ years of experience with some of the world's largest financial institutions such as Citi, JP Morgan, HSBC, and Equifax. Extensively worked on developing credit risk models, fraud models, collection scorecards, Credit risk management, and strategy development. Having a strong blend of AI & ML skills, statistics, and business knowledge. The use of AI and ML in digital transformation and improving the straight-through processing by lending institutions is a key focus area for me.

Day 2 - Tech Talks 29 May

How to develop Credit risk models (scorecard) using Machine learning technique and its use in underwriting strategy development.

The Banking and finance domain is the early adopter of data analytics. Risk management is a million-dollar problem and the industry has evolved to use the sophisticated model to predict the bad loans, fraudulent transactions, etc. Credit risk modeling is ever-changing due to the recent popularity of ML and AI and data availability from various digital and alternate data sources.

The challenge faced by the data scientist is to improve the accuracy using sophisticated supervised learning algorithms while following the guideline of the central bank from a regulatory perspective. In the session, we would learn in-depth step by step methods to develop credit score, its use, validation of the models, and recalibration techniques.