Shirish Gupta

Head of Data Science & Partnerships at NBFC Loan2Grow

Shirish Gupta is the Head of Data Science & Partnerships at NBFC Loan2Grow. Previously he was employed as a Data Scientist with Deloitte. He has worked for number of Retail, Insurance(P&C, Health and Life), Banking, Retail and Pharmaceutical domains in US, India and South Korea.

• Seven years of experience in leading and managing the design, development, and implementation of all aspects of qualitative and quantitative methods, advanced predictive analytics, risk measurement and management and intelligent interim solutions to support business needs and regulatory requirements across different domains.

• Considerable experience in Computer Vision, Customer Segmentation, Demand Forecasting, Store Clustering , Risk Scoring, Policy & Claims underwriting, Drug Launch & Support Analytics and Life Style Based Predictive Models.

• Experience working and deploying machine learning models on cloud using AWS EC2, Lambda, S3 and/or Lex


Day 1 - Workshops 28 May

Deploying Computer Vision Model as API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway

We as Data Scientists might be competent enough to build very complex and intricate Data Science algorithms BUT if there is one skill that most of us lack, it’s deployment. And unless deployed, our model is as good as a simple demo. To scale or to even put into production, it needs to deployed as an API or embedded into the existing systems.

Goal - During this talk, we will learn about AWS Lambda and Amazon API and how we can use them to deploy our Data Science models.

Talk will include a live demo during we will -
1. Understand & create a lambda_function
2. Download & define layers(aka dependencies)
3. Test our function
4. Configure Amazon API gateway
5. Deploy the API and test it using Postman or Curl