Sudhir Padaki

Director Of Business Development - Data & Analytics at Altair

Sudhir manages the business development and go-to-market strategy of Altair’s data & analytics portfolio in the Manufacturing space across APAC. He has several years of experience in building and delivering customized solutions for manufacturing and has enabled various organizations break technology barriers to adopt new product development strategies across EMEA and APAC. Sudhir has a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering from RUHR University, Germany. Sudhir is a Flight simulation enthusiast and has flown many missions.


Day 2 - Tech Talks 29 May

The value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

The fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0, is now underway and there is a growing interest on how Analytics is revolutionizing decision making in Smart Factories. But, How can one leverage analytics on a shop-floor in real time to identify hidden indicators for future downtimes or identify anomalies. The talk will focus on how to access data from the shop floor through OT/IT convergent solutions and build useful analytics to tackle Asset Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance.