Varishu Pant

Student at Praxis Business School
12:30 - 13:00

Day 1 - Tech Talks 28 May

One Tap Updater - Update Handwritten Forms in Spreadsheet (Capstone Project at Praxis Business School)

Many organizations like banks and insurance companies give customers empty forms to submit their applications. The applicants fill in the applications and submit them. But eventually, the data from these forms are needed to be fed into the machine. Our product can help these organizations in updating the contents of these forms in spreadsheets with just a single ‘tap’. In this project, we considered a particular case and shown how this system can work for updating the submitted college registration forms.  We have used image processing techniques like dilation, adaptive thresholding, Gaussian to remove noises and used contours to detect the boxes in the form. We trained these boxes on a modified Resnet architecture to get the final model.