Vijay Balakrishnan

Group Chief Data Officer at Michelin

Vijay Balakrishnan is the Group Chief Data Officer for Michelin and is based out of Michelin’s Digital Innovation Center in Pune. His vision is to make Michelin a Data-driven company in 3 years, focusing on Data Monetization and enabling data-driven business strategies. He holds a transversal accountability of the entire spectrum of activities around Data @ Michelin globally – Security, Governance, MDM, Privacy, Datalakes, Data APIs, BI and AI portfolios. He also leads the setup and execution of AI guilds globally around ML, AI Ops, Computer Vision, NLP, etc.

16:35 - 17:15

Day 2 - Knowledge Talks 29 May

Role of Data & AI in Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity is in the heart of many organizations globally today. Especially with today’s restrictions around mobility, Digital & Data becomes critical to realizing Customer Centricity. Aspects like “outside-in” design thinking, Conversational Systems for customer-facing Apps, enabling easy access to customer-facing data, etc. I’d like to talk about how Michelin thrives on its Customer Centricity strategy and the continuously increasing scope of Data & AI in the same.