Vinay Gupta

Head of Analytics at Suzlon

Vinay Gupta is presently working as Head Data Analytics & Business Excellence, Suzlon Energy Limited. He is leading the Digital Transformation & Analytics Program of wind farm operations. Prior to this, he was in Wind World India Limited (Earlier Enercon India Limited) for three years in the similar role. Earlier, he had served in Indian Army for 22 years and as a Colonel in Army, he had played a pivotal role in establishing the first Centre for Data Analytics and developing analytics driven Military Equipment Management system. Has rich & diverse experience of 26 years in the field of Data Analytics, Industrial IoT, and Electronics Engineering. He has participated as speaker/panellist in various international/national seminars/conferences on Big Data Analytics. He is an M.Tech (Electronics & telecom), Master Black Belt Six Sigma and PMP.


Day 1 - Knowledge Talks 28 May

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Smart Grid

Due to the complexity &; heterogeneity of the smart grid coupled with high volume, velocity and variety of data being generated, Artificial Intelligence technology has emerged to be one of the most promising &; enabling technologies for its future development and success. Aim of this presentation is to highlight various use cases &; methodologies of using artificial intelligence techniques and its impact on smart grid development.